Terms & Conditions

My Driving is a business brand. We engage the services of ADIs to deliver driver training to learner
drivers. Our trainers are sole traders working in association with our brand for mutual benefit.
We take customer service very seriously. We do ask our customers to understand that we are
running a business and therefore Terms and Conditions are needed. These detail the expectations
between the service supplier (our driver trainers) and our customers (people taking training with us
– “our learners”. We see this as a fair agreement between these two parties, that protects both.
1. You must show your trainer your valid provisional photo card driving licence. You should also
bring your National Insurance number to enable an online check of your entitlement to drive
and to disclose any penalties.
2. You must be medically fit to drive. If you are on medication, check with your doctor to
ensure you can drive.
3. Where a learner attends their driving lesson and is unfit to drive due to an alcohol or drugs
related issue, the lesson will be cancelled, and the learner will be charged the full fee for it.
4. Your trainer will conduct an eyesight check. You must be able to read a vehicle number plate
from at least the required distance (20.5m). You must pass this before the lesson can begin.
5. Learners must remain always keep one driving lesson payment in credit.
6. Monies received are paid directly by the customer to our driver trainers. Any enquiries or
requests for refund need to be made directly with your trainer, not My Driving Ltd.
7. Our driver trainers require a minimum 48 hours’ notice of lesson cancellation. This must be
given directly to the trainer. If this is not given the learner is liable to pay for that lesson or
block booking (trainer’s decision is final).
8. All lessons are conducted on a one‐to‐one basis, with no other learner in the car. From time
to time a supervising trainer or senior DVSA driving examiner may attend to observe a lesson
for quality control purposes.
9. If your trainer is going to be late arriving for your lesson the time will be made up at the end
of the lesson
10. If for an unexpected or unavoidable reason the lesson has to be cancelled, the lesson will be
rescheduled, and no fee will be charged.
11. Lessons might need to be changed at short notice for reasons outside of the trainer’s
control, this includes but not restricted to: Short notice tests for other pupils, illness,
weather conditions, mechanical problems or damage.
12. In the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown, bad weather or any other event resulting in
the cancellation of your lesson or test at short notice, neither My Driving Ltd nor your trainer
are responsible for any loss incurred.
13. Neither My Driving Ltd or your trainer are liable for your DVSA test being cancelled,
postponed, or terminated due to circumstances out of their control.
14. Your tuition vehicle will be clean and is a smoke free zone.
15. Your trainer will always be professional. For instance, will never make physical contact with
a learner unless it is to take control of the vehicle in the event of an emergency.
16. Your trainer will never make or receive phone calls or SMS text messages during your lesson.
17. Each lesson will be tailored to meet the learner’s needs with mutually agreed goals, location
pick‐up and drop off, logistical timings and lesson duration.
18. In the event of bad weather, your trainer will put safety first before determining whether
the lesson can go ahead as planned.
19. Test readiness is the decision of your trainer and that decision is final and non‐negotiable.
Your trainer is best placed to make that decision.
20. A “Pass” on a “Mock Test” assessment does not guarantee success on the DVSA driving test.
21. You are asked to inform your trainer as soon as you receive a date and time for your driving
22. Where a learner hires the car for a DVSA driving test, should we find that the learners
standard of driving is unsafe, we will refuse use of our car for this appointment
23. Lesson prices may increase during your course of lessons. We will provide a minimum of
one month’s notice of any changes.
24. Lessons might need to be changed at short notice for reasons outside of the trainer’s
control, this includes but not restricted to: Short notice tests for other pupils, illness,
weather conditions, mechanical problems, or damage.
25. Payments taken online do not guarantee any requested appointment dates or times. These
are strictly subject to the availability of our driver trainers.
26. Any driving which is regarded by the trainer as dangerous or reckless, the lesson can be
terminated at full fee being chargeable. Any damaged caused will also be chargeable at the
trainer’s discretion.
27. When on your driving test you are responsible for the car, any damaged caused to the car
during the test will be chargeable to you in full.
28. You are not permitted to drive the car without your trainer or the examiner being in the car.

Thank you for reading the “small print”. Please discuss any queries with your driver trainer