Drop in car ownership among young people

Sweeping changes to social-economic conditions and living circumstances are the main factors behind a marked drop in car ownership among young people over the past 25 years. These are the key findings outlined in this study carried out by academics from the University of the West of England and the University of Oxford, on behalf […]

Changes to the UK Driving Test

From Monday 4 December, the independent driving section will be extended to approximately 20 minutes with four out of five tests being guided by SatNav.  This will enable longer and more mixed test routes. 1 out of 5 tests would still use “following signs for…” routine and will similarly be extended to 20 minutes. DVSA’s […]

Proposed new stopping distances for the Highway Code

Stopping distances in the UK Highway Code should be increased because drivers’ thinking me has been underestimated, according to figures obtained by BRAKE, the road safety charity. BRAKE asked TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) to provide evidence on time taken by car drivers to perceive, recognise and react to emergency situations. TRL referred to academic literature […]

Proposed changes for 2017 to practical Driving Test

Subject to review, the proposed changes could be introduced as early as Summer 2017. There are 4 main proposals: 1. Extend the independent driving part and make use of satellite navigation The time allocated to the independent drive will double to 20 minutes, using Sat Nav as an alternative to road signs, not instead of. […]